What about outside court – Are interpreters available outside too?

The court provides interpreters only for when you are in the courtroom.

It is up to you to find your own interpreter for most things that go on outside the courtroom. For example, you may want an interpreter to help you:

  • Talk with court staff
  • Fill out your application for a court order
  • Meet with a lawyer

For services outside the courtroom, such as meeting with your lawyer, you will need to make arrangements with a service provider.

To find a professional interpreter in your area:

  • Look in the Translators and Interpreters section of the yellow pages of the telephone directory (available online)
  • Contact an organization that provides services to your community

Court registries are unable to recommend interpreters.

Note: The family justice services division of the Ministry of Attorney General may arrange for a local interpreter or multicultural association to provide you interpretation services while you are receiving services through a Family Justice Centre or a Justice Access Centre.