Adoption Reunions & Registries

Last updated on September 13, 2017

Family and relatives of adopted adults can use reunion services to find one another – either by doing an active search or by registering with the passive registry.

Post-Adoption Openness Registry

Adoptive parents, birth parents or relatives of an adopted child can register for the opportunity to share information after an adoption order is granted.

The registry is not restricted by age – so a match could be made with an adopted child who is still under 19 years old.

Parents Registry

Birth parents of a child who may be placed for adoption, can register to receive notice of adoption details and, if appropriate, be involved in adoption planning.

Adoption Reunion Registry

Reunion services are only for individuals who are 19 years or older and who were involved in an adoption that took place in B.C. A registry as well as active search services are available.

New Brunswick & Adoption Birth Records

New Brunswick is opening birth records related to adoptions.

If you are an adult adoptee or a birth parent and want to learn more about accessing your birth information, or protecting your information, visit or contact: