Post-Adoption Openness Registry

This registry gives adoptive parents, birth parents and other relatives the option of exchanging identifying or non-identifying information after an adoption order is granted for a child who is under 19 years old.

The information exchange may range from medical information, letters, cards and pictures, to the full exchange of names and addresses for direct contact.

It is a passive registry, which means that both parties must be registered before they are notified and contact can occur.

Adoptive parents should seriously consider and respect their adopted child's views and wishes about openness.

Who Can Register

The following people can register:

  • The adoptive parents of a child under 19 years old
  • The adopted child's relatives, from either before or after the adoption – this includes a sibling who is under 19 years old (with permission from their parents or guardian), birth parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins

The registry cannot accept applications from former caregivers or foster parents unrelated to the adopted child.

How to Register

Adoptive parents may register on behalf of their child for an exchange with a specific relative or more than one relative. Parents and children are not obligated to have contact with any other relatives who register. Registration and/or contact with anyone can be withdrawn at any time.

Submit an application to register:

As soon as an application is received, the registry is checked for a match. The registry will only contact the parties if a match occurs.

Information will stay on the registry until:

  • The the adopted child’s 19th birthday
  • A match occurs
  • The application is withdrawn in writing

Successful Match

If there is a match, both parties will be asked about the level of contact they wish to have:

  • Full disclosure and direct contact, or
  • A non-identifying exchange of information

If one or both want a non-identifying exchange, then a social worker will draw up an openness agreement.

Any decision to enter into an openness agreement should be based on what is best for the adopted child. An openness agreement cannot be forced – it's based on voluntary cooperation of everyone involved.