Procurement of Sexual Assault Services

Budget 2022 announced stable, ongoing annual funding for sexual assault response programs in the province. Community Safety and Crime Prevention Branch (CSCP) staff are working over the coming months to design the new Sexual Assault Services (SAS) Program and create a process to contract service providers.

SAS program

The SAS Program will build off learnings from the Emergency Sexual Assault Services Grant Program administered by Ending Violence Association of BC. The SAS program will expand capacity to respond to the needs of sexual assault survivors across British Columbia in a way that is trauma-informed, culturally safe, equitable and effective.

Community Safety and Crime Prevention Branch (CSCP)

CSCP is consulting with key partners, communities, and service providers to inform the design and procurement of the program. CSCP will be working with stakeholders in several phases throughout 2022 and early 2023. Initial consultations on program design will seek feedback on key themes, including:

  • Program Design
  • Strengths and Challenges in Current Service Delivery
  • Collaboration with Other Sectors and Agencies
  • Procurement Process & Criteria

New programs will be procured and funded beginning April 2023.

Project updates