Procurement of Victim Services

Community Safety and Crime Prevention Branch (CSCP) is consulting with victim service and violence against women programs to prepare them for open procurement.

Open procurement will help ensure contracting for services is fair, transparent, accountable and aligned with government-wide procurement policy.

CSCP recognizes the dedication of community service providers and the value they offer British Columbians. It is consulting them to ensure they are prepared for changes to contracting process, and to avoid interruptions to people who rely on their services.

CSCP will consult with stakeholders in several phases over 2014 and 2015.

The consultation will engage stakeholders on these themes:

  • Program Design
  • Strengths and Challenges in Current Service Delivery
  • Collaboration with Other Sectors and Agencies
  • Open procurement processes

The goal of the Services to Victims of Crime initiative is to develop a procurement plan. Given the large number of contracts, it is expected this work will take place over approximately three fiscal years.

CSCP will post project updates on this website.

Project Update - September 2017

Key Project Documents