Appealing Your Conviction - Adult Offenders

After you are convicted and sentenced, you may appeal your conviction, sentence or both to a higher court. This means you believe the court made a mistake about the facts or law and want the higher court to review the first decision.

Crown counsel can also appeal an acquittal or sentence.

If the higher court finds there has been an error, it can acquit or convict you, order a different sentence or order another trial.

In criminal cases, an appeal has to be filed within 30 days of the sentencing decision.

If you appeal a decision of the Provincial Court, your appeal is heard in B.C. Supreme Court.  An appeal from B.C. Supreme Court goes to the B.C. Court of Appeal. A final appeal goes to the Supreme Court of Canada. See Courts (Key Parts of the Criminal Justice System) for more information.

Consult with a lawyer if you want to appeal. An appeal is a serious matter and can be complicated. 

You may also apply for bail while your appeal is taking place.

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