Parole Board of Canada Hearing

The Parole Board of Canada decides whether offenders being held in B.C. provincial and federal correctional centres are released on parole.

At a Parole Board of Canada hearing, board members ask questions, review your case and decide if you are a threat to the community. If the board decides you do not pose a threat to the community, it can grant you parole, conditionally releasing you into the community to continue serving your sentence.

When you are released from custody, you are required to keep in regular contact with your parole officer. You must also follow all conditions of the parole order.

Parole Order

A parole order is the order given to you by the Parole Board of Canada allowing you to live the last part of your sentence in the community. The order will include standard and any special conditions. 

Standard conditions are for all offenders. For example, you will be required to report regularly to a parole officer and keep them informed of such things as changes to your personal situation or employment status. 

You may also receive special conditions related to your own circumstances. For example, you may be required to attend counselling for anger management or alcohol or drug addiction.