Purpose of Parole

Parole is a conditional release that you may be granted during your custodial sentence. It gives you the opportunity to serve the rest of your sentence in the community, under supervision and certain conditions. Parole helps you move back into the community and readjust to life outside of a correctional centre. You receive support to become a law-abiding citizen.

  • Day Parole - is when you are conditionally released for the day and are required to return back to a community-based residential facility or correctional centre at night (unless your parole officers allows you to do otherwise). It provides you with the opportunity to participate in community-based activities and prepare for full parole or statutory release
  • Full Parole - is when you are conditionally released into the community to serve the remainder of your sentence. You must obey and report to a parole supervisor

Parole is not granted automatically and not all offenders are granted parole. Also, if you do not follow the conditions of your release, the Parole Board of Canada can return you to a correctional centre. 

When Parole is Granted

You can apply or you may automatically receive day parole. That will depend on the length of your custody sentence.

In most cases, you are eligible to apply for full parole after serving one-third of your sentence or seven years. Visit Types of Conditional Release to learn more about when you may be eligible for day or full parole.