Provincial Court Family Rules Reform forms

The new Rules propose replacing or updating all the existing Provincial Court Family Rules forms to improve their accessibility and usability. A discussion around the recommended policy and the rationale for the proposed forms can be found in Chapter 5 of the discussion paper. You may view or print a complete forms package, Appendix 4 Draft Forms, or each draft form individually. Comments are invited on the policy direction, draft language and there are also specific consultation questions embedded in the discussion paper. 

Form Number Form Name
1 Notice to Resolve a Family Law Matter
2 Notice of Intention to Proceed
3 Family Law Matter Claim
4 Financial Statement
5 Guardianship Affidavit
6 Reply to a Family Law Matter Claim (with Counterclaim)
7 Certificate of Service
8 Reply to a Counterclaim
9 Application for Case Management Order
10 Application for Review
11 Application for Case Management Order Without Notice or Attendance
12 Application About a Protection Order
13 Order Terminating a Protection Order
14 Protection Order
15 Application About Extraordinary Parenting Matter
16 Application for an Order Prohibiting the Relocation of Child
17 Application for a Family Law Matter Consent Order
18 Consent Order
19 Referral Request
20 Notice of Exemption from Parenting Education Program
21 Subpoena to Witness
22 Warrant for Arrest After Subpoena
23 Release from Custody
24 Request to File an Agreement
25 Request to File a Determination
26 Request to File an Order
27 Application About Enforcement
28 Application for Garnishment, Summons or Warrant
29 Summons–General
30 Warrant for Arrest
31 Summons to a Default Hearing
32 Summons to a Committal Hearing
33 Application for Order Under the Family Maintenance Enforcement Act
34 Recognizance–Family Maintenance Enforcement Act
35 Restraining Order
36 Order for Imprisonment
37 Request for Scheduling
38 Notice of Lawyer for Child
39 Notice of Removal of Lawyer of Record for Child
40 Order-General
41 Affidavit–General
42 Notice of Address Change
43 Notice by Advertisement
44 Affidavit of Personal Service
45 Affidavit of Personal Service of Protection Order
46 Electronic Filing Statement
47 Fax Filing Cover Sheet