The Ministry of Attorney General's statutes, regulations and policy

Last updated on January 31, 2024

The Ministry of Attorney General often consults with British Columbians on legislation and policy. One method is to publish a discussion paper with an invitation to the public to respond. Another means is to use an online survey to solicit input. Public feedback is important because it helps government shape new laws and policies.

The ministry's legislation and policy pages contain information on legislation updates, current online consultations that may lead to future legislation or changes in policy, and an archive of consultations that have recently ended.

Here’s what we’re working on

This page is intended to provide information about some of the legislation and policy reviews being undertaken by the Ministry of Attorney General. The Ministry engages in this work to advance government priorities, respond to issues of interest to the public, or to respond to developments in the common law.     

In some cases, the Ministry invites feedback on legislation or policy proposals to inform its consideration of the issues associated with legislative or policy changes.

Please note that the initiatives outlined may not always lead to legislation or policy changes. Any legislative changes are ultimately the decision of the Legislative Assembly.