Family Justice Services Division

Family Justice Services Division (FJSD) delivers services that promote the timely and just resolution of family disputes within a comprehensive family justice system.

FJSD is responsible for:

Justice Access Centres help with family and civil law issues such as separation, divorce, income security, employment, housing or debt.

Dispute resolution - Division staff provide information on the rights and responsibilities of people who are separating or divorcing about:

  • Guardianship
  • Family maintenance
  • Alternatives for resolving disputes
  • Parenting arrangements and contact with a child

Family Justice Counsellors are accredited family mediators who provide mediation and conciliation services primarily to people of modest means. FJCs also help their clients to prepare provincial court documents.

Parenting after Separation (PAS) program - PAS is a three hour session where information is delivered, at no charge, to participants about:

  • The impact of separation on children and adults
  • The full range of dispute resolution options and services available in the justice system and the community
  • Child support guidelines

s.211 Assessments and Reports - A limited number of assessments of parental capacity are prepared upon order of the court to assist the court in determining parenting arrangements, contact with a child, and views of the child(ren). For more information contact the Family Justice Centre location nearest you.

Rule 5 Family Justice Registry Project - A new family court case management scheme is being piloted to increase the availability of early, collaborative, non-adversarial settlement opportunities. With the assistance of federal contributions, the province provides the following services in seven communities:

  • Triage Family Justice Counsellors - certified family mediators who provide assessment, information, dispute resolution, referral and case management support to applicants and respondents prior to their appearance before a judge
  • Child Support Clerks - trained staff who provide assistance with income clarification and child support determination for the purpose of obtaining agreements with respect to child support