Policy and Legislation Division

The Policy and Legislation Division is responsible for all legislation, related policy and law reform. On the civil law side, this includes all statutes related to succession law, torts, enforcement of judgments, contract law, trusts and private international law. The office works with a variety of stakeholders to develop ways to improve public access to justice services. Its mandate is to:

  • Provide high quality policy advice and analysis on private civil and family law legislation and issues
  • Engage in law reform that is needs-based
  • Develop laws that are fair, understandable to the public and modern

The Ministry of Attorney General encourages British Columbians to participate in developing law, policy and programs, and identifying emerging trends in the law and policy.

Visit the Legislation and Policy section of the ministry's web site for consultations currently underway.

On the criminal law side, the Policy and Legislation Division is responsible for:

  • Integrating policy and research activities throughout the criminal justice system and facilitating discussions system-wide
  • Access to justice issues to ensure public access to efficient and effective legal aid services
  • Federal-provincial-territorial policy and research
  • Integrated projects addressing crime prevention, crime reduction and creation of a more effective system of justice

The Policy and Legislation Division also develops and promotes non-adversarial dispute resolution options within the justice system. The office provides policy advice on the use of dispute resolution options to courts, government ministries, government agencies, boards and commissions, and treaty tables. It also designs and implements dispute resolution processes and systems in the courts, and elsewhere in government.

Programs and Initiatives

  • The Policy and Legislation Division worked with the Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C. to produce four volumes of instructive material on various aspects of dispute resolution. "The Dispute Resolution Series" is designed to raise awareness and support alternative dispute resolution training in the fields of law and public policy.
  • The Policy and Legislation Division worked with community-based organizations to implement the Court Mediation Program in Small Claims Court and to establish the BC Mediator Roster, a central roster of trained and experienced mediators.
  • The Policy and Legislation Division works with the Ministry of Child and Family Development on dispute resolution processes intended to divert child protection cases from the courts.