Maintenance Enforcement and Locate Services

Maintenance Enforcement and Locate Services (MELS) has responsibility for programs that ensure families receive financial support they are entitled to under court orders or agreements.

MELS is responsible for:

  • The Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP), which monitors and enforces all maintenance orders and agreements that are filed with it. FMEP is delivered through the BC Family Maintenance Agency, a crown agency dedicated to providing the services of the FMEP.
  • The Locate Services program conducts searches to find a person’s location, assets, employment and sources of income in support of establishing and enforcing family orders and agreements.
  • The Interjurisdictional Support Services ensures applications for maintenance and existing maintenance orders flow smoothly between reciprocating jurisdictions, B.C. courts and FMEP.
  • The Child Support Recalculation Service oversees child support orders originating out of Kelowna Family Court and ensures that support amounts are properly recalculated given the payor’s income.

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