Sunshine Coast Firewood Permit information

Last updated:  October 29, 2021

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Important points:

  1. The firewood is for personal use only and cannot be sold to others
  2. The term of the Free Use Permit is specified on the associated area map
  3. The Free Use Permit is limited to only 6 cords (approx. 18 m3 or 12 regular pickup loads)
  4. Only one Free Use Permit per household is allowed
  5. The Free Use Permit will only be valid if the name and address on the Free Use Permit match the name and address on your driver’s license
  6. Cutting is confined to the area outlined on the Free Use Permit map.
  7. You can only choose one map per Free Use Permit
  8. If there is no map available for an area (i.e. Powell River area or Sechelt area), it means that unfortunately the district does not have any Free Use Firewood Permits in that area to offer the public at this time
  9. The Free Use Permit is only for collecting firewood from dead and down logging debris (no standing trees may be cut)

Please note the firewood permit locations offered are limited due to access and suitability, we will be posting new locations as they become available.

A 4X4 vehicle is highly recommended to access these areas.

Currently open areas for Free Use Firewood (maps)

Lower Sunshine Coast

Upper Sunshine Coast (Powell River area)

  • No online permits available at this time
  • Western Forest Products has firewood permits available at their Powell River office starting in October 2021


Online application process

To use the online application process you must complete the following:

  • Have a personal e-mail address, or have access to an e-mail address. The permit will be sent to the e-mail address you provide on the online form for viewing and printing
  • If you wish to collect firewood in one of the areas designated in the section above, print the correct area map. This map must be attached to the Free Use Permit that will be sent to you via e-mail

Apply for your Free Use Permit by completing the Online Form.

Be sure to print out the associated free use map from the section above.

Important: Once you have obtained your Free Use Permit, maps and if applicable, your Letter of Agreement, all the documents must be on site with you when collecting the firewood and in the vehicle when transporting the firewood.

Best practices for reducing air pollution while burning firewood