Occupant Licence to Cut

Occupant licences to cut are issued for the cutting, or cutting and removal, of Crown timber from Crown land or private land. In all cases, the applicant must hold a right to occupy and use the land being harvested through a ”right of occupation", a lease, or a special use permit.

Some examples where an occupant licence to cut may be issued are:

  • Water lines
  • Clearing for a fence on a grazing lease
  • Mining exploration and mine development
  • Independent power projects
  • Leased or Crown granted land where the timber is still owned by the B.C. government

The occupant licence to cut allows cutting and possible removal of timber by a company or individual. If the occupant licence to cut only authorizes the cutting of Crown timber, an forest licence to cut could be issued to another company or individual to remove the timber that was cut under the occupant licence to cut.