Residual Fibre Utilization Operational Support

Biomass Inventories by Timber Supply Area

FPInnovations has completed reports for a number of Timber Supply Areas that provide estimates of recoverable fibre (biomass) that could be available for roadside comminution (ground into chips) at various cost thresholds.

Biomass inventories are available for the following Timber Supply Areas:

Additional reports will be posted on this site as they are completed.

Biomass Delivered Cost Estimates (District Maps)

FPInnovations has developed a number of maps by resource district that outline the cost for delivering biomass.  The costs include grinding the residual fibre into hog fuel on site and transportation to the nearest processing facility.  

Additional district maps will be posted to this site as they are completed.


BiOS is a free App created by FPInnovations that is designed to calculate the volume of available roadside residue in a cutblock. The App is currently only available for tablets and can be downloaded by typing ‘FPInnovations’ into either the Google Play or Apple Store.

Handling Roadside Residual Fibre

Traditionally, logging residue was piled into conical piles which slowed down recovery operations as the tangled "beaver dam" piles had to be torn apart in order to break up the residue or load it. In addition, conical piling of residue incorporates more inorganics into the piles, reducing the quality of available residual fibre.