Clean Energy and Major Projects Office

Last updated on March 4, 2024

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Last updated: March 3, 2023

The Clean Energy and Major Projects Office (CEMPO) is the main point of contact for proponents looking to bring clean energy projects to British Columbia, as well as for major projects currently underway in the province. The former BC Hydrogen Office is housed within CEMPO.

On this page:

Who we are

The Clean Energy and Major Projects Office (CEMPO) is the primary government liaison for provincial matters related to clean energy and major projects, with responsibility for project management, coordinating inside and outside government to ensure that projects are meeting the Province’s priorities and objectives.

In alignment with the EMLI Minister’s mandate letter, the CEMPO prioritizes the advancement of First Nations interests and First Nations-led clean energy projects, including facilitating partnerships with and benefits for First Nations, such as business opportunities and skills training.

Read the news release to learn more.

Why are we here

  1. Supporting B.C. as a desirable place for clean energy investment. This includes working with internal and external partners to identify opportunities and challenges in regulatory certainty, competitiveness, access to talented labour and the inputs needed for production for the clean energy sector; and
  2. Provide specific project management support for projects that need to interface with First Nations, local communities, and government through their development. This would include ensuring the projects are aligned with the Province’s objectives and monitoring them to ensure they result in tangible benefits to B.C.

What we do

The CEMPO offers project management support across the entire life cycle of various projects, encompassing a wide range of sectors, including, but not limited to hydrogen, biofuels, carbon capture, utilization and storage, as well as emerging energy storage technologies.

Image of touchpoints between projects and CEMPO as well as other provincial ministries or regulators.

B.C. Hydrogen Strategy

The B.C. Hydrogen Strategy is our plan to become a leading hydrogen economy. The strategy outlines government’s actions to accelerate the development of B.C.’s hydrogen sector. This will create economic opportunities throughout the province. It will also help reduce emissions and overcome our reliance on fossil fuels.

Clean Renewable Energy

Here you will find information and resources on clean and renewable energy projects, initiatives and processes.  


B.C. Hydrogen Regulatory Mapping Study (2023)

Carbon Intensity of Hydrogen Production Methods Report (2023)

Northeast B.C. Geological Carbon Capture and Storage Atlas (2023)

B.C. Hydrogen Study (2019) 



Please contact the Clean Energy and Major Projects Office with questions or inquiries about building projects or investing in British Columbia’s clean economy. 

We acknowledge all Indigenous peoples on whose territories we live, learn and work. We honour their connection to the land and respect the importance of the diverse teachings, practices, customs and traditions within these territories.