BC Hydrogen Office

Last updated: October 31, 2023

The BC Hydrogen Office is the Province’s one-stop-shop for hydrogen. The role of the Office is to advance all aspects of hydrogen projects and facilitate hydrogen’s role across British Columbia’s energy systems. Priorities include hydrogen production, distribution, storage, end-uses, and export, as well as the setting of policy, regulatory, and other enabling frameworks.
The Office works with companies to navigate the project development process. This will help ensure projects are successful from concept to completion.
The BC Hydrogen Office is a single point of contact for:
  • Initial project concepts and investment facilitation for companies
  • Regional hydrogen hub development
  • Coordination of regulatory, permitting, and environment requirements
  • Hydrogen policy and enabling frameworks
  • Indigenous participation

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Role of hydrogen in British Columbia 

Hydrogen will be necessary for B.C. to achieve net-zero by 2050. Hydrogen will play a key role in reducing emissions across a wide range of sectors in B.C., including:

  • Medium and heavy-duty transportation
  • Industry and refining
  • Displacing natural gas
  • Displacing diesel used for electricity generation in remote communities

B.C. has several advantages for producing low-carbon hydrogen. More than 98% of electricity generated in the province is clean or renewable. This means B.C. has a significant opportunity to produce clean hydrogen from electrolysis. 

B.C. is also home to abundant natural gas reserves and significant geological carbon storage capacity. These are necessary for producing low-carbon hydrogen from natural gas. With these attributes, B.C. can supply the growing global demand for low-carbon hydrogen. 

B.C. Hydrogen Strategy

The B.C. Hydrogen Strategy is our plan to become a leading hydrogen economy. The strategy outlines government’s actions to accelerate the development of B.C.’s hydrogen sector. This will create economic opportunities throughout the province. It will also help reduce emissions and overcome our reliance on fossil fuels.


B.C. Hydrogen Regulatory Mapping Study (2023)

Carbon Intensity of Hydrogen Production Methods Report (2023)

Northeast B.C. Geological Carbon Capture and Storage Atlas (2023)

B.C. Hydrogen Study (2019) 

Centralized Renewable Hydrogen Production in B.C. (2019)

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