Pender Harbour Project

To promote responsible and appropriate dock development in Pender Harbour, the Pender Harbour Dock Management Plan was developed.

The plan Pender Harbour Dock Management Plan was implemented on April 4, 2018.

The Pender Harbour Dock Management Plan was developed by government in consultation with the shíshálh Nation, taking into account environmental and archaeological values in the area.

The plan defines requirements for dock design and construction, and further identifies three zones where additional requirements or restrictions apply. The plan aims to minimize impacts to marine resources, protect archaeological resources, address impacts of dock development and advance collaborative management between the shíshálh Nation and the province.

If you are looking for information regarding constructing a dock in Pender Harbour, replacing an existing dock, or conducting any activities on Crown foreshore in Pender Harbour or Madeira Park, please review the links and resources provided below.

Links and Resources: