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Last updated on February 12, 2024

The roadways program authorizes the building of public and private roadways over Crown land in British Columbia.

The program supports access needs and contributes to the development of the transportation infrastructure across the province.

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Providing access to Crown land for roads ensures that British Columbia will benefit from the development of transportation infrastructure in a co-ordinated, responsible manner that encourages the efficient use of Crown land resources.

Application documents

The following documents should be reviewed prior to submitting your application:

The following documents must be completed prior to submitting your application:

Who may apply?

Eligible to apply under this program are:

  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada aged 19 years or older
  • Corporations registered in British Columbia or incorporated under the laws of Canada; and
  • Provincial and federal government agencies requiring Crown land for roadway purposes

Types of tenure

Depending on the intended use, the services and access available, and the required tenure term, the Province may issue a licence of occupation, or a statutory right of way. A licence of occupation may be offered for a private roadway where land survey costs are unaffordable. A licence is normally available for a 10-year term.

  • Statutory right-of-way (private roads) is the preferred tenure type for road where public use must be excluded. The typical term for a statutory right-of-way is 30 years
  • An interim licence of occupation may be offered pending completion of the land survey where an application has been received for a statutory right-of-way for a private road. The licence is available for a 2-year term

Fees and costs

You'll be required to pay an application fee when you submit your application as identified in the Crown Land Fees schedule (PDF, 49KB).

Statutory right of way rent is priced at twice the zone rates for public and private utilities with a minimum prepaid rent of $675.

An interim licence of occupation leading to a statutory right of way is priced at the same rental rates as those for statutory rights-of-way.

Rent for a licence of occupation for a private roadway is prepaid at a rate of 100% of the zone land value for the full term of the tenure, with a minimum payment of $675. 

Special requirements

The most common reason for delay is submission of an incomplete application, which is then returned to the applicant

If your application is accepted, you'll be notified if Advertising is required. Please wait for confirmation before advertising.

If you have questions regarding any part of the application process, a specific file or a proposal about a specific area, please contact FrontCounter BC.

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