BCAB #971 - Combustible Piping, Sentence & Article

Last updated on March 24, 2016

June 29, 1988

BCAB #971

Re: Combustible Piping, Sentence & Article

With reference to your letter of January 8, 1988, regarding the installation of what we understand to be drain, waste, and vent piping. We take this and Appeal No. 975 as an extension of the group dealt with earlier, for which general details were provided in Appeal No. 947. We are still dealing with concrete high-rise construction and the underground parking area forms part of the main building.

Your first question would seem to have been adequately dealt with in Appeals No. 947 and 950. The piping must comply with Sentence, to both (a) and (b); Article also applies, and as you mention fire separations we would point out that these were addressed in some detail under the earlier appeals.

With respect to your second question, if the piping complies with the Code requirements a protective cover is not mandatory for fire protection. Regarding sprinklering, while this may be a feature necessary for a particular class of building, it does not affect the selection of pipe in the situation to which you refer.

J.C. Currie, Chair