BCAB #975 - Plastic Piping, Sentence

June 29, 1988

BCAB #975

Re: Plastic Piping, Sentence

With reference to your letter of January 22, 1988, regarding the installation of combustible drain, waste, and vent piping. We regard this appeal as essentially similar to No. 971.

The first question was dealt with in Appeal No. 971.

The second question relates to combustible piping protected by a thermal blanket pipe insulation. If combustible pipe is used, it must conform with the provisions of Sentence To avoid further correspondence we would refer you to the thermal barriers outlined in Clauses and (f), which we feel can be reasonably used to address the situation with combustible pipe in addition to foamed plastic insulation. We question whether the material proposed in your letter fulfills the intent of the Code.

J.C. Currie, Chair