BCAB #950 - Combustible Piping, Article

December 10, 1987

BCAB #950

Re: Combustible Piping, Article

With reference to your letter of October 24, 1987, regarding the use of plastic piping in a high rise residential building. It is assumed this is not water distribution piping, but falls into the drain, waste, vent category. Refer also to Appeal No. 947 for some applicable general provisions applicable to this appeal.

Article applies, and assemblies incorporating the penetrations are permitted subject to the test requirements and conditions in Sentence

If the 3M Fire Barrier system, incorporating the specific type of pipe used, is successfully tested by Warnock Hersey, as you state, then it would be acceptable if installed strictly in accordance with the terms of the Warnock Hersey listing. You indicate CAN4-S115, which already references assemblies tested to CAN4-S101, this would be a very suitable standard using a pressure differential of 50 Pa. You mention installation in accordance with your own application methods, but these cannot be considered if they contravene the terms of the listing.

J.C. Currie, Chair