Sysco-Feed BC partnership for B.C. foods in institutions

Many health authorities currently use a broadline distributor to order, stock and deliver some of their food products. Through a Feed BC pilot partnership, Sysco Canada – B.C. Region (Kelowna) works with B.C. producers and processors to expand the range of health care-ready B.C. foods available to Interior Health and other facilities, making it easier for institutions to identify and choose local foods.  Partnership services and activities include:​​

  • Coaching interested producers and processors to prepare for broadline distribution and the institutional market
  • New local foods guide (PDF, 2.7 MB) and feature sheets (PDF, 3.7 MB) to highlight B.C. foods available to customers
  • Seeking out new B.C. food products suitable to institutions
  • Prominently identifying B.C. foods in the customer ordering system
  • Working with health authorities, group purchasing organizations, contracted food services to shift to more B.C. food products