Kye Bay Recreational Shellfish Reserve

The Kye Bay Recreational Shellfish Reserve is located just outside the town of Comox and faces the open Georgia Strait.  While the shellfish reserve covers the entire bay, only a relatively small portion is suitable for harvesting.  Much of the bay is soft shifting sand that does not support an abundance of shellfish species and the southernmost section of the reserve is permanently closed for harvesting, due to sanitation concerns. 

The main harvesting area shown on the enclosed map, is approximately 750 meters to 1 kilometre from the parking area.  It is comprised of a reef that extends approximately 1 kilometre in an east west direction.  Here you will find suitable substrate that supports an abundance of shellfish species.  Also look for harvesting opportunities in small isolated pockets of suitable beach along the shoreline.  

The more significant and important species here, include Manila and littleneck clams.   There is also an abundance of varnish clams as well as isolated pockets of Pacific oysters.  Butter clams as well as other minor species are also available. 

Access Point:

Head towards Comox Valley Airport and once on Knight Road, drive past the airport, eventually turning left onto Kye Bay road until it meets Windslow Road.  Drive to the end of Windslow, past the Kye Bay Guest Lodge and Cottages, and you will find ample parking. (Google maps). Look for the sign to guide you to the harvest area. 

Special concerns:

  • There is a permanent sanitation closure on the southern portion of this beach.  No harvesting of shellfish within this area is permitted at any time.