Baynes Sound Recreational Shellfish Reserve

The Baynes Sound Recreational Shellfish Reserve is located on the south side of Baynes Sound parallel to the Island Highway.

It is located approximately four kilometres north of Buckley Bay or three kilometres south of Union Bay. This shellfish reserve is a productive beach covering approximately 14 hectares supporting an abundance of shellfish species. The more significant and important species include Manila and littleneck clams, cockles and oysters. Butter and varnish clams can also be found as well as other minor species.  Much of the beach area on this reserve is on a relatively steep incline with larger boulders and cobble. The south end of the beach has a more extensive intertidal zone and is easier to dig.

Access Point:

There is easy access right off the Island Highway with ample parking in pull outs alongside the reserve (Google Maps).  There are two main access points, look for the signs along the highway.

Special concerns:

  • This shellfish reserve is located in Baynes Sound between Denman Island and Vancouver Island.  Baynes Sound supports some of the most productive clam beaches in British Columbia and it is from this area where the majority of all commercial harvesting occurs.
  • Much of Baynes Sound is under commercial tenure for shellfish aquaculture.  You must always observe the location of commercial tenures as the shellfish on these tenures is private property. You can distinguish the corners of these commercial reserves as they are marked by red concrete markers.
  • Baynes Sound is operated under a shellfish management plan where a significant rainfall event can trigger a closure to harvesting.  It is important to contact the local Department of Fisheries and Oceans office prior to any harvest to ensure the area is open and the shellfish are safe to eat.