B.C. Sprinkler Irrigation Manual

Last updated on June 22, 2016

The B.C. Sprinkler Irrigation Manual provides design information for agricultural sprinkler irrigation systems in British Columbia.

Wheelline, solid set sprinkler, stationary gun, travelling gun and center pivot systems are all covered. The Manual provides the designer with data on soils, crops, and evapotranspiration rates; how to calculate irrigation system water requirements, application rates, set times and irrigation intervals, and design information on piping, pumps, screens and water diversions.

Chapter Title PDF, Size
  Front Cover of Manual 2.8 MB
  Titlepage, Table of Contents, Preface 0.3 MB
1 How to Use the Manual 2.5 MB
2 Legislation and Governance 1.0 MB
3 Irrigation System Selection 3.0 MB
4 Crop, Soil and Climate 1.2 MB
5 Sprinkler System Design 3.0 MB
6 Gun System Design 3.5 MB
7 Centre Pivot System Design 1.5 MB
8 Pipe Selection, Design and Installation 2.5 MB
9 Motors, Engines and Power 3.0 MB
10 Diversions and Intakes 3.0 MB
11 Irrigation Water Quality 0.6 MB
Appendix Title Size
A Properties of Irrigation Pipe 0.3 MB
B Friction Loss Tables 0.5 MB
C Sprinkler Irrigation Design Plans 5.7 MB
D Publications and Websites 0.2 MB
E Unit Conversion 0.3 MB
F Glossary 0.3 MB


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