B.C. Irrigation Management Guide

The B.C. Irrigation Management Guide assists British Columbia’s farmers and ranchers to optimize water use, thereby improving water management during times of drought, long-term climate change, and competing uses of the water resource.

This guide encourages long-term commitment to a sustainable, environmentally-sound and economically-viable B.C. agriculture industry.

Examples are provided for all applicable irrigation assessments throughout this  publication, and blank worksheets are also appended for self-evaluation.

Chapter Title PDF, Size
  Front Cover of Manual 0.2 MB
  Titlepage and Preface 0.5 MB
  Table of Contents 0.3 MB
0 How to Use the Publication 0.4 MB
1 Introduction to an Irrigation Management Plan 0.4 MB
2 Environmental Concerns of Irrigation Water Supply 0.7 MB
3 Climate 1.0 MB
4 Basic Environmental Farm Assessment for Irrigation 2.2 MB
5 Plants, Soil and Soil Water 1.4 MB
6 Irrigation System Assessment 2.8 MB
7 Irrigation Scheduling 2.7 MB
8 Energy Conservation and Operating Costs 1.3 MB
9 Chemigation, Frost Protection and Crop Cooling 0.6 MB
10 Use of Reclaimed Water 0.5 MB
Appendix Title PDF, Size
A Unit Conversion 0.3 MB
B Sprinkler and Gun Nozzle Specifications 0.4 MB
C Blank Worksheet 2.5 MB
D Publications and Websites 0.4 MB
E Glossary 0.4 MB