B.C. Irrigation Management Guide

The B.C. Irrigation Management Guide assists British Columbia’s farmers and ranchers to optimize water use, thereby improving water management during times of drought, long-term climate change, and competing uses of the water resource.

This guide encourages long-term commitment to a sustainable, environmentally-sound and economically-viable B.C. agriculture industry. Examples are provided for all applicable irrigation assessments throughout this  publication, and blank worksheets are also appended for self-evaluation.

Chapter Title PDF, Size
  Front Cover of Manual 0.2 MB
  Title Page and Preface 0.5 MB
  Table of Contents 0.3 MB
0 How to Use the Publication 0.4 MB
1 Introduction to an Irrigation Management Plan 0.4 MB
2 Environmental Concerns of Irrigation Water Supply 0.7 MB
3 Climate 1.0 MB
4 Basic Environmental Farm Assessment for Irrigation 2.2 MB
5 Plants, Soil and Soil Water 1.4 MB
6 Irrigation System Assessment 2.8 MB
7 Irrigation Scheduling 2.7 MB
8 Energy Conservation and Operating Costs 1.3 MB
9 Chemigation, Frost Protection and Crop Cooling 0.6 MB
10 Use of Reclaimed Water 0.5 MB
Appendix Title PDF, Size
  Unit Conversion 0.3 MB
  Sprinkler and Gun Nozzle Specifications 0.4 MB
  Blank Worksheet 2.5 MB
  Glossary 0.4 MB