Organizations developing interfaces to ministry health information exchange systems will submit the following forms, as described in Volume 2 of the Conformance Standards. The applicability of each will depend on the organization's type of system and the health information exchange system being accessed.

  • Application Release Assessment (PDF, 56KB) - Software organizations must complete and submit this form for assessment prior to implementing application releases, service upgrades or training changes in production.
  • Conformance Initiation Notice (PDF, 526KB) - After the organization has developed their application and performed a self-test to assess their application meets the Conformance Standards, this form is submitted by the organization to request a conformance evaluation.
  • HNSecure Registration - This form is submitted to register for the HNSecure Toolkit for specific business functions used to access a ministry database. Community pharmacies may also use HNSecure for connecting to PharmaNet.
  • Request for Integration Services (PDF, 520KB) - This form is submitted by the software organization acknowledging they have read the Conformance Standards and are ready to discuss the integration approach with the Ministry of Health.