Organizations developing interfaces to ministry health information exchange systems will submit the following forms, as described in Volume 1 of the conformance standards. The applicability of each will depend on the organization's type of system and the health information exchange system being accessed.

Vendors should start with the Request for Integration Services. Once completed, the form should be emailed to

  • Request for Integration Services (PDF, 520KB) - This form is submitted by the software organization acknowledging they have read the conformance standards and are ready to discuss the integration approach with the Ministry of Health.
  • Vendor Participation Agreement (PDF, 509KB) - Software organizations must sign a Vendor Participation Agreement prior to being granted access to ministry environments. The signing of the agreement may be conducted concurrently with the initial onboarding process. Software organizations should consult their own legal counsel for any questions with respect to the agreement.
  • HNSecure Registration - This form is submitted to register for the HNSecure Toolkit for specific business functions used to access a ministry database. Community pharmacies may also use HNSecure for connecting to PharmaNet.
  • Conformance Initiation Notice (PDF, 526KB) - After the organization has developed their application and performed a self-test to assess their application meets the conformance standards, this form is submitted by the organization to request a conformance evaluation.
  • Application Release Assessment (PDF, 56KB) - Software organizations must complete and submit this form for assessment prior to implementing application releases, service upgrades or training changes in production.
  • System Access Forms - Eligible health practitioners and health care partners may request access to online services and approved applications. These require approval by the Ministry of Health, including completion of an agreement for system and data use.