Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) PINs

Last updated: October 24, 2022

Certain medications for medical assistance in dying (MAiD) are provided at no cost to B.C. residents, as long as they are registered with the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP).

On March 20, 2020, MAiD prescriptions will no longer require Special Authority approval under Plan P (Palliative Care Drug Plan). Coverage will be provided automatically under the Assurance Plan (Plan Z).

For Plan Z coverage, all MAiD prescriptions need to be claimed through PharmaNet using the MAiD-specific Product Identification Numbers (PINs). Drug Identification Numbers (DINs) may no longer be used.

Each PIN identifies a drug, strength/concentration, and form. It will not identify a specific brand. Any brand of a drug can be dispensed under the PIN and will be paid up to the maximum price that is allowable for that PIN.

If you are unable to acquire a product that meets the specifications of the drug identified in the tables below, or if the price of the product you have exceeds the allowable maximum price, please contact the PharmaNet HelpDesk for assistance.

If a patient is ineligible for MAiD due to a lack of MSP coverage, or because they recently moved to B.C. from another part of Canada, please call HIBC.

As of March 20, 2020, please use the PINs below when entering all MAiD prescriptions.

Intravenous (IV) kit PINs
Product PIN
lidocaine 1% injection 88000004
lidocaine 2% injection 88000005
bupivicaine 5 mg/mL injection 88000006
midazolam 1 mg/mL injection 88000007
midazolam 5 mg/mL injection 88000008
phenobarbital sodium 120 mg/mL injection 88000009
propofol 10 mg/mL injection 88000010
rocuronium bromide 10 mg/mL injection 88000011
sodium chloride 0.9% injection 88000012
Oral kit PINs
Product PIN
haloperidol 5 mg/mL injection 88000013
lorazepam 0.5 mg SL tablet 88000014
metoclopramide 10 mg tablet 88000015
ondansetron 8 mg tablet 88000016
phenobarbital + chloral hydrate + morphine sulphate oral suspension 88000002
secobarbital compound suspension 88000003
Clinical Service Fee PINs
Product PIN
primary and secondary IV regimen 88000000
primary oral drug regimen and secondary IV regimen 88000001