7.10 Smoking Cessation Program (Plan S)

General Policy Description

Plan S covers nicotine replacement therapies for individuals eligible under the Smoking Cessation Program.

Policy Details

Coverage is provided for individuals, rather than families.

Coverage under Plan S does not extend to patients in acute or extended care hospitals.

Eligibility for coverage under Plan S is established in the Smoking Cessation Program Policy - Section 5.20.

Eligibility for coverage under Plan S is automatically recorded in PharmaNet each benefit year (using a Special Authority record).

Coverage under Plan S begins January 1 of each year and continues until an individual’s yearly coverage allowance (84 continuous days of coverage) has been used or December 31 of the same year, whichever comes first. 

Coverage from one calendar year does not extend into the next calendar year. Instead new eligibility is automatically recorded in PharmaNet for each new benefit year.

Plan S coverage cannot be provided retroactively.

[Updated March 17, 2017] Plan S provides 100% coverage of the cost of eligible nicotine replacement therapies up to the cost limits PharmaCare has established for these products and 100% of dispensing fee costs (up to the dispensing fee recognized by PharmaCare).

>> See the list of eligible nicotine replacement therapy products.



For pharmacists

See Section 5.20.

Tools and Resources

See PharmaCare’s Smoking Cessation Program web page.