11.3 PharmaCare Information Line

Last updated on September 2, 2020


The PharmaCare Information Line—also known as the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system—is an automated method for obtaining information by telephone. This service is not available to the public.

When calling, you are greeted with the option to use the Pharmacy Self-Service, or stay on hold to speak to a PharmaCare representative. 

Self-service features provide access to Prescriber IDs, Special Authority information for prescriptions, benefits information for drugs, blood glucose strip certificate information, plan registration information, and site of dispense information.

PharmaCare representatives can help you with rejected claims, BC Service card verification and misuse reporting, and patient restrictions. Select the option you want to be directed into the appropriate queue.

If you need to report a timeout or technical problem with PharmaNet, or have other issues with PharmaNet not covered by one of the menu options, press “5.”

Automated Information Retrieval Options

To use the self-service features, you must enter your College of Pharmacists ID number (not your employee number) using the telephone keypad, followed by the "#" key. Four menu options are then presented:

Prescriber ID option (press 1)

Enter the MSP billing number to retrieve the Prescriber ID and the spelled-out last name and initials.

Special Authority option (press 2)

Enter the PHN and DIN to retrieve the following information for an existing Special Authority:

Benefit plans option (press 3)

Enter the DIN to retrieve information on:

  • Benefit status (benefit/restricted-benefit/Low Cost Alternative/Reference Drug Program/trial prescription)
  • Benefit plans (plan or plans under which the drug is covered)

Note: If the drug falls under a special category (e.g., vitamins or supplements) the user is instructed to contact the PharmaNet Help Desk.

Blood Glucose Certificate option (press 4)

Enter the PHN to access a recorded message stating whether or not there is an existing Blood Glucose Certificate of Training recorded on the patient’s PharmaNet file. If a certificate has been entered for the patient, the recording will either provide the expiry date, if there is one, or advise that there is no expiry date.

Plan registration option (press 5)

Enter the PHN and plan code (press 9 for all plans) to access a recorded message of the plan(s) that the patient is registered in and the expiry date (if there is one). The recording will advise if the patient is not registered in a plan.

  • Plan code (C, D, F, G, I, P, W)
  • Expiry date

Site of dispense option (press 6)

Enter the PHN and date (press # for today’s date or enter the full 8-digit year, month and day) to retrieve the name and phone number of each pharmacy that dispensed on the given date. The recording will advise if there were no dispenses.