11.2 Information Support, Health Insurance BC

Last updated on August 13, 2020


Information Support handles PharmaCare provider enrollments and maintains specific information on PharmaNet. Information Support staff administer the following:

  • new providers (enrollment and PharmaNet setup)
  • provider enrollment changes
  • LCA shortages
  • electronic funds transfers (EFT) — new applications and changes
  • Plan B capitation rates and payments
  • methadone interaction fees
  • Pharmacy Software Vendor (PSV) changes
  • IP address changes (including expanded ranges for new workstations)

Contact Information 

Telephone numbers

Call the PharmaNet Help Desk and ask for the Information Support team to return your call.

From the Lower Mainland, call:

From the rest of B.C., call toll-free:



Fax number

From anywhere in B.C., fax to: 250-405-3599 (Victoria number)




Send mail to: 

Information Support 
PO Box 9655 Stn Prov Govt 
Victoria BC V8W 9P2