Teleplan Connection Verification

For Browser Users:

The Teleplan system was updated on November 19, 2020 to align with current security standards. Teleplan Users can use this webpage to verify that their software will be able to successfully connect to Teleplan. 

Please visit this URL with your billing software to test your software compliance: 

If you see the following screen, your software is compliant and no further action is required. 

MSP's Teleplan Web Access

If you are not able to connect and do not see this screen, please contact your billing software vendor to obtain updated software. 

For API users:

If your software cannot connect to the Teleplan test URL, then your billing software must be upgraded. 

If you have an existing support contract with your software provider, your software vendor will provide all required updates. If you do not have an existing support contract with a software vendor, you can use a current web browser to connect to Teleplan, contact your software vendor or acquire another vendor.