Medical claims are submitted for payment electronically through the Medical Services Plan (MSP) Teleplan system.

Teleplan Web version 4.0 is a web-based telecommunications system used by practitioners to securely submit claims, notes and eligibility requests to MSP, and receive payment statements, rejected claims and patient eligibility data from MSP through an encrypted Internet connection. (For information about the conversion from Teleplan-DOS to Teleplan4, see Teleplan Conversion.) Teleplan is built to industry standards for secure Internet communications (like that used for online banking transactions).

Teleplan receives and processes over 5 million claims monthly, valued at approximately $116 million. Approximately 95% of all claims are processed within 30 days, with the majority being paid within 14 days. Processing times depend on the timing of the submissions and the complexity of the claims. Payments are made at the middle and end of each month, either by electronic funds transfer or by cheque.

The benefits of using a web-based Teleplan connection include:

  • You can connect directly through a private Internet Service Provider (ISP) through dial-up or high-speed access (cable or ADSL).
  • Claims can be submitted electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You have direct online access to additional information and services through the Internet technology, including:
    • enhanced patient eligibility check;
    • a comprehensive MSP web site with access to online forms, interactive billing tutorials, electronic versions of the MSC Payment Schedule and ICD9 coding manual, the MSC Financial Statement, Physicians' Newsletter and other publications; and
    • PharmaNet data.

Applying for Teleplan Service

Depending on your status with MSP, there is a choice of two forms to apply for Teleplan service:

Claims Processing System

Once medical claims have been submitted through the Teleplan system, they are processed sequentially through four major components where edits and rules are applied. Major aspects include accuracy of billing information, ensuring payments to providers are made mid- and end-of-month, and the application of payment schedule rules.

Teleplan User Verification

The Teleplan system will be updated on November 19, 2020 to align with current security standards. Teleplan Users can use this webpage to verify that their software will be able to successfully connect to Teleplan after this update.