Child & Youth Mental Health Walk-in Intake Clinics

Looking for mental health support or services in your area?

Children and youth can access free and voluntary community-based mental health supports and services in B.C. - in fact, Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH) teams currently have about 100 walk-in intake clinics for children, youth and their families at convenient locations throughout B.C.  Walk-in clinic times vary; a list of clinics and hours is below.

How does it work?

Children, youth and families can attend one of our CYMH walk-in intake clinics for an intake interview. The intake interview will take about 45-90 minutes. Upon completion of this interview, you will be provided with information and details about the next steps and what to expect in the process.

During the intake interview, we typically get background information from parents/caregivers, and we may need to speak to them privately requiring that the child/youth leave the room. If they are too young to wait in the waiting room on their own, please consider making alternate child care arrangements.

Older children and youth (age 13+) are strongly encouraged to attend the clinic with their parents/caregivers.

Youth also have the option of attending the clinic on their own without their parent/caregiver.

For more information please see the “What to Expect” document below:

Where can I find the closest Walk-in Intake Clinic?

Each CYMH walk-in clinic has its own catchment area. Contact your local Child and Youth Mental Health office during regular office hours for more information.