Child & Youth Suicide Prevention

Talk to someone if you’re concerned about the thoughts, feelings or behaviours that you or someone close to you is having - ­ for example:

  • Changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • Not interested in doing favourite activities
  • Talking about dying or not wanting to live anymore

If you have serious or immediate concerns: Talk to a doctor, mental health centre, hospital emergency department (9-1-1) or one of these crisis phonelines, internet chat, and/or text support:

Child & Youth Mental Health Walk-in Intake Clinics: Learn more about our Walk-in Intake Clinics and find a location near you.

More help and support: You don’t have to handle this alone - check out these helpful resources:

Information for Parents & Caregivers

Warning signs: Know the signs that your child or teen might be thinking about suicide:

Additional information: