At Home Program Respite Benefits

Last Updated: May 09, 2022

The At Home Program provides funding to purchase respite services for eligible children. Families may choose the type of respite services that best suit their needs.

The program does not cover services that are:

  • Provided by a parent of the child
  • Provided by any other Ministry of Children and Family Development program

The program is also not intended to provide services that are required as a result of the parent’s paid or unpaid employment, training, or education.

Respite funding is $4,135.56 per year.  In some cases, respite funding may be enhanced to meet extraordinary need. Respite funding may not be available immediately. Families may be waitlisted for funding.

Parents make a written agreement with the Ministry of Children and Family Development to receive funding and are responsible for arranging respite, paying service providers, and managing their respite budget.

For families receiving direct monthly respite payments, the following resources may help in determining tax and employer obligations:

It is suggested that you contact a tax professional for information specific to your situation.


Extended: Flexible Use of Direct Funded/At Home Program Respite

Families who receive Direct Funded or At Home Program respite can use the standard amount of $ 4,135.56 per year in a flexible manner. Flexible options include household supports, caregiving supports, programs or program support for children or youth. Families will be required to keep receipts for up to 24 months.

Any amount of respite funding over the basic amount of $ 4,135.56 /year is to be used for traditional respite, and families continue to be required to account for the spending of those enhanced funds using a Record of Expense Form that is submitted at the end of the agreement term.

Families are encouraged to contact a local CYSN Worker if they would like support in planning for respite.