Waiting for a diagnosis

It’s common for families to have to wait for an assessment. Here are some things you can do to while you wait.

Prepare for the diagnostic assessment

Gather specific information about your child. Start a list of questions to ask during the assessment visit. Create a folder to bring with you that includes:

  • Your child’s medical records or any previous evaluations they've received
  • Your own notes about their behaviour, strengths and needs

Invite someone to come with you to appointments. The assessment and diagnosis process can be emotional and overwhelming. Consider inviting someone you trust to help take notes and make sure your questions get answered.

Continue learning about autism. Think about ways your child needs support.

Access services right away

Child development experts can help if you think your child may need some extra support. The earlier you get advice and support, the better.

Find government services for children, teens and families, for example:

Other government programs and support include:

You could also consider building a support team of health professionals, therapists, care providers, educators and support workers who can help.

Find out about specific programs in your area by contacting your local community health office or talking to an Autism Support Specialist: AutismInformation@gov.bc.ca | 1 844 878-4700.