Overdue Payments

When an arrangement is made to pay all or part of another person's premiums or to collect premiums from another person, those premiums must be paid on or before the required due date as stated in Section 32 (1) of the Medicare Protection Act.

If you didn’t pay the Medical Service Plan (MSP) group premiums you owed in full by the due date, your account became overdue and you are charged interest on any overdue amount.

MSP premium debts from before January 1, 2020 remain payable. Collection action will begin on overdue accounts and your group plan may be cancelled.


Interest is compounded monthly at a rate of prime plus 3%. Interest is charged on:

  1. all overdue MSP group premiums
  2. premium adjustments
  3. previously invoiced interest

Interest will only appear on your invoice if you owe more than $5.00 of interest. If it’s the first time the interest has appeared on your invoice it’s calculated from the first day the amount became overdue up to the date the invoice was generated. You have 30 days to pay the interest amount to avoid further interest charges.

If your payment isn’t received within the 30 day period, interest will begin compounding retroactive to the date the interest was due.