Understanding Your Invoice

The following is an example of the invoice you may receive.

  1. Account Number
    A number assigned to your Medical Services Plan (MSP) account for invoicing. You need this number to make a payment.

  2. Client Number
    Your Personal Health Number that is listed on your BC Services Card or CareCard.

  3. Previous Invoice Balance
    The balance from your previous invoice. If you overpaid a previous invoice, any credit you have on your account will be shown as a negative amount (e.g. -$ 8.00).

  4. Current Charges
    A list of the new items you’re being charged for on this invoice.

  5. Total due
    The amount you owe after the balance from your previous invoice and current invoice are added together.

  6. Payment Date
    The date you should make your payment by to ensure your payment is applied to your account by the due date. The due date is the last day of the month.

  7. Person(s) Covered
    A list of all of the people covered under your MSP account for the new charges on this invoice.

  8. Additional Information
    Information or news about MSP that can change on each invoice you receive.

  9. Payment Coupon
    This coupon should be submitted with your payment if you’re mailing a cheque or paying at your bank.