Requesting Access

B.C.'s Ministry of Health is responsible for authorizing health information sharing and data access agreements. The procedures required to access personal health data are in place to ensure the privacy protection of all British Columbians.

The Data Management and Stewardshipbranch (DMS) of the Ministry of Health is responsible for processing most of the application for data access for a legally authorized purpose. The majority of requests processed by DMS are requests submitted by other provincial health organizations, other public bodies, or eligible researchers.

Academic Researchers

The Ministry of Health grants access to ministry data to academic researchers on a case-by-case basis. Learn more about how to request data access.

Health Authorities

Health Authorities can submit requests for health data for program planning, evaluation, and research purposes. Learn more about the process and rules governing data sharing with health authorities.

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health employees might need submit requests for health data for program planning, evaluation, and research purposes if it is for a service provider to the Ministry or if it involves linking Ministry data with external data. 

Other Organizations

Other organizations can submit a request to the Ministry of Health for health data access. Learn more about the procedures and rules of these data access requests.

Requesting Data from Other Organizations

Other public organizations in B.C. and Canada hold administrative health data or other data relevant for public health that could be used for evaluation or research and could be accessed by following and fulfilling the respective organization’s processes and requirements.