Requesting Access

B.C.'s Ministry of Health (“MOH”) is responsible for authorizing health information sharing and data access agreements. The procedures required to access personal health data are in place to ensure privacy protection for all British Columbians.

The Data Management and Stewardship branch (DMS) of MOH is responsible for processing most of the applications for data access in support of a legally authorized purpose. The majority of requests processed by DMS are submitted by health organizations in B.C., public bodies (e.g., other ministries), and academic researchers.

Ministry of Health employees, contractors, and service providers

MOH employees might need to submit requests for themselves, or on behalf of MOH contractors and service providers, in order to access health data for program planning, evaluation, and research purposes. Learn more here.

Third Parties

Third Parties are individuals or organizations who are not employees, contractors, or service providers to the MOH. To access MOH data, Third Parties will typically need to enter into an information-sharing agreement with the MOH. Pathways vary slightly for different groups, as described further below.

Academic researchers

The ministry grants academic researchers access to data via PopData BC. Learn more here.

Health Authorities

The ministry grants Health Authorities access to data for program planning, evaluation, and research purposes. Learn more here.

Other organizations

The ministry grants other organizations access to data on a case by case basis. Learn more here.

Third Party access to Healthideas data warehouse

Forms and documents (such as user guides and standards) are available here.