BC Government Ministries and Health Sector Partner Access to Data

BC Government Ministries and Health Authorities can request health data via the Health Sector Information, Analysis and Reporting (HSIAR) division’s Request Management System (RMS). Please note an IDIR or a Health Authority ID credential is required to access the HSIAR RMS.

HSIAR Request Management System (RMS)

Contact MOHAnalytics@gov.bc.ca for:

  • Help using the HSIAR RMS
  • Those who don't have an IDIR or Health Authority ID and need to submit inquiries or requests via email

When your request is received, HSIAR determines the appropriate service delivery mechanism based on the data required and the purpose for which the data is needed. You will be contacted about your request and provided with information for the next steps.

See below for additional information on the different service delivery mechanisms available to access data.

Health Data Platform (HDP)

The Health Data Platform (HDP) supports research and analysis both within the health sector and in academia by allowing access to health data from multiple sources to be brought together as required (on-demand), linked, de-identified and analyzed on a single secure platform. The HDP is now the principal mechanism for obtaining access to data across multiple organizations. HDP governance processes and technologies enable more rapid access to data within a common secure analysis environment.

The Ministry of Health and health authorities will gradually add to the data holdings accessible via the HDP over time, with priority for additions being informed by Ministry and health authority input. Where required data is not currently available via the HDP, mechanisms such as secure data transfers may be considered.

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Find additional information about the data access request process and available cross-organizational data sets on the Health Data Platfom website.

Secure data transfers

In certain situations, such as when the required data is not currently accessible via the HDP, a transfer of the required Ministry of Health data to the requesting organization via a secure transfer process may be required.

Find additional information, including the process for requesting a transfer of Ministry of Health data for an authorized purpose, on the Secure Data Transfers page.

Direct access to Ministry's data warehouse

In certain situations, such as when only Ministry of Health data is required to conduct analysis, direct access to the Ministry of Health’s data warehouse (HealthIdeas) may be requested. Find additional information, including the process for requesting access to HealthIdeas, on the Direct Access to Ministry Data Warehouse page.

Additional resources

Additional resources related to accessing B.C. health sector data include:

Privacy protection 

As stewards of British Columbians’ personal health information, the Ministry of Health takes its responsibility for privacy protection very seriously. Find additional information on the Privacy Protection page.