Ministry of Health

Data for MOH employees, contractors and service providers

Ministry of Health employees requesting data for MOH contractors and service providers performing work on behalf of the ministry have the following options:

The ministry’s Data Management and Stewardship (DMS) branch can provide direction on the needed agreement/contract content to allow a service provider access to ministry data; specific security and privacy information; and direct a requester to the specific program area responsible for the requested data.

Health Data Request (HDR) form

The Health Data Request (HDR) form (PDF, 613KB) and the associated variables checklists are used by ministry employees that need to request data from health authorities or from other governmental organizations and agencies and link that data with ministry data. An application may also need to be submitted to the Health Authority or agency for the required data. The ministry's Data Management and Stewardship (DMS) branch works with the corresponding Health Authority to finalize the agreement.

Any enquiries for external data, for providing Ministry data to an outside party, or to inquire about the development of an information-sharing agreement should be submitted to the Health Sector Information, Analysis and Reporting (HSIAR) portal at which will direct the request to DMS.

Data requests with links between Ministry of Health data and Health Authority data may require a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). For these requests, the ministry’s Health Information, Privacy, Security, and Legislative branch (HIPSL) will be able to confirm whether a PIA is required and help complete it. Requests for data from other organizations will always require a PIA.

Ministry of Health employees requesting Health Authority information without any links with Ministry data will need to contact the Health Authority of interest to identify the appropriate application process. DMS branch will help draft an information sharing plan and facilitate the execution of the agreement, including data exchange and de-identification, as required.

Status of Existing Requests

The status of academic requests for Ministry of Health administrative data can be obtained from Population Data BC through their AppTracker application. For the status of all other projects, please email the Ministry of Health at