Secure Data Transfers

This page outlines the secure data transfer process between the requestor and the Ministry of Health.

Step 1: Requestor submits request

Requestor has BC Ministry IDIR or Health Authority ID Requestor does not have an IDIR or Health Authority ID 

Submit an "Access Data" request in the HSIAR Request Management System (RMS)

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Submit a completed HLTH 5426 Health Data Request form and associated database checklists to

Step 2: Request cycle begins

  1. Ministry reviews request for completeness and obtains outstanding requirements.
  2. Ministry reviews in-depth if applicable (this may include review by the Data Stewardship Committee or HDPBC Data Council, depending on the request).
  3. Data planning and scoping between the requestor and the ministry.
  4. Requestor and ministry collaboratively develop an information sharing agreement if applicable.
  5. Finalized data plan and Information Sharing Agreement signed off by all parties.
  6. Ministry provisions and delivers data.
  7. Requestor submits amendment request (for extension, administrative agreement changes, or additional date) if applicable.
  8. Requestor submits analysis outputs to the ministry for review.
  9. Project closure compliance.