Specialized or Custom Web Property Application Process

The Internet Strategy mandates all B.C. government online content to be placed in the corporate platform, CMS Lite. Any custom or specialized web properties need to be vetted by the Joint Delivery Working Group (JDWG).

Approval Requests

If your online business requirements are transactional dealing with sensitive information, or CMS Lite currently does not provide the functionality required, contact the GCPE Joint Working Group Coordinator for preliminary discussions prior to further analysis. 

It is expected that all web properties go through the Joint Working Group for approval before being launched to the public.  Omitting this governance process may delay the launch of the business solution, or stop its release entirely.

Web Property Applications

Business areas need to submit Web Property Applications to the GCPE Joint Delivery Working Group (JWG) to determine online business solution alignment with technical direction, data management, branding, promotions, social media and public engagement standards.

Early submission in the business solution project planning process is advisable to avoid delays or omission of implementation of the intended business solution.

If you have questions about filling out this application, or are unsure of whether you need to fill out an application, please feel free to contact the GCPE Joint Delivery Working Group coordinator for assistance. We suggest placing submissions in during your planning and/or development cycle, to allow you time to incorporate feedback. Government Communications and Public Engagement (GCPE) will provide direction and/or approval as necessary​.

Application Process

Initiate an inquiry to gain advice from the GCPE IS Joint Working Group (JWG) Coordinator.

  1. Use the Web Property Application Form (Internal) to capture your business requirements and rationale
  2. Use the Domain Name form for new, renewals and transfers of domains
  3. Attain approval from ministry senior executive/project sponsor and your GCPE Ministry Communications Shop representative
  4. Once the application has been reviewed it will be triaged by the JWG coordinator
    • Where the application is of more complex nature it will be presented to the Joint Working Group for final decision

NOTE: Any sites that implement their customized online business solutions prior to approval will be at risk of being shut down.