Community Building

At BC BIG we know we are better together. So we take time to foster collaboration and partnership among scientists, practitioners, students, and enthusiasts.

There are lots of ways that we have invested in building our BI community. For example, we co-host the annual BIG Difference BC conference with UBC-DIBS and other partners. We also host virtual webinars, meet-ups, and book talks on the latest theories, case studies, and topics of interest.

In 2020, we established the BIG Difference Advisory Board with our partners at UBC-DIBS. The Board has broad representation that reflects the diversity of the BI community we are a part of. The Board will advise on community- and capacity-building activities. With the Board’s help, we will make sure we are delivering training and events that align with our corporate goals and meet the needs of the BI community in British Columbia.

BC BIG's Partners and Frequent Collaborators

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