Behavioural Insights

Last updated on September 14, 2023

Behavioural insights (also known as BI) helps us understand how people think, behave, and make decisions in everyday life so we can design better programs and services.

BC Behavioural Insights Group (BC BIG) is a unit within the BC Public Service Agency that applies behavioural insights to complex public policy challenges. BC BIG works collaboratively with ministries across government to co-design citizen-centred policy solutions that are rooted in an evidence-based understanding of human behaviour.

The First Four Years: Cultivating a Practice of Behavioural Insights in the BC Public Service is now available! Click here (PDF, 5.6MB) to read the report. For a version for screen readers, click here (Word doc, 44KB).

Our Work

The BC Behavioural Insights Group (BC BIG) has three areas of focus: evidence building, capacity building, and community building. 

1. Evidence Building: Projects & Advice 

Our team works with partner ministries to co-design and test policy solutions using behavioural science and experimental methodologies.

Learn about how BC BIG builds evidence

2. Capacity Building: Learning & Events

Our team and our academic partners offer behavioural insights training and experiential learning opportunities ranging from short introductory sessions to a full behavioural insights certificate program.

Learn about learning opportunities and events

3. Community Building: Partnerships & Networks 

BC BIG relies on partnerships and networks to do its work. Partners include ministries, crown agencies, research universities, local government, federal government, and social purpose companies.

Learn more about BC BIG's partners and community

BC BIG launched the BIG Difference BC network (formerly Behavioural Insights Beyond Borders [BIB2]) to connect scientists, practitioners, and BI enthusiasts.

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