IM/IT Capital Investment

In December 2012, Treasury Board mandated a Deputy Ministers’ Committee with responsibility for oversight of all of government’s information management and information technology (IM/IT) capital investments. 

In support of this, the Digital Investment Board, a Deputy Minister committee, is accountable for:

  • Advancing a strategic vision for digital government; and
  • Overseeing digital investment, including by supporting coherence across government, prioritizing investments, and maximizing the value of the investments.

The Digital Investment Office, within the Office of the Chief Information Officer, is the secretariat for the Digital Investment Board. The Digital Investment Office is also responsible for prioritizing government’s IM/IT investments and maximizing the lifecycle value government derives from its IM/IT investments.

To aid in the prioritization of investment funding for minor capital IT and capital maintenance projects across government, OCIO’s IM/IT Capital Investment Branch has implemented Copperleaf C55 software. June 2017, B.C. Government and Copperleaf were jointly awarded BC Tech Association’s Technology Impact Award (TIA) for “Adoption of Technology.” 

For all updated information of IM/IT Capital Investment, please follow Digital Investment Office's Intranet pages.