1000 - Budgeting

Records relating to ministry and agency annual budget forecasting, development, and allocation.  This primary covers annual operating, capital, revenue and full-time equivalent (FTE) budgets.

Record types include correspondence, working papers, plans, reports, and other types of records as indicated under relevant secondaries.

For chart of accounts, see secondary 920-02.
For project budgets, see the relevant ARCS or ORCS project secondary.
For reporting on planned and actual budget costs, see primary 1180.
For service plans and other performance reports, see primary 400.
For training, information sessions, or workshops, see primary 1735.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for: SO nil DE

Primary-Secondary Records Series OPR
1000-00 Policy and procedures SO 7y DE
1000-01 General FY+1y nil DE
1000-03 Estimates debate background material
SO = upon budget approval, and when no longer required for reference purposes
NOTE:  This secondary covers program fact sheets and descriptions and other financial and non-financial background material compiled to assist ministers in the annual estimates debates in the legislature.  Records documenting the development of ministry/agency revenue and spending estimates are filed with budget development records under secondary -20.
SO nil DE
1000-20 Budget files
(covers budget estimates and planning, including vehicle budgets, reallocation of funds, approved budgets, expenditure and forecasts, and revenue forecasts)
DE = Budget files may be destroyed upon approval of the Records Officer because the information in them is consolidated in the Province’s budget, estimates, and public accounts, which are fully retained by the government archives in the Office of Comptroller General ORCS, approved schedule 180968
NOTE:  These records document annual budget forecasting, planning, development, allocation, reallocation, and monitoring of the approved budget, including its 12-month forecasted apportionment (i.e., calendarization),
This secondary includes vote descriptions, supplementary budget preparation records, the provision of budget development advice and information, and budget presentations and submissions to Treasury Board.
FY+1y 6y DE

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