510 - Accommodation Planning

Records relating to ministry/agency accommodation planning and requirements, including employee residential accommodation, organizational moves, and space transfers.

Record types include correspondence, forms, plans, drawings, and reports.

For accommodation budgets, see primary 1000.
For building occupancy charges, see primary 925.

The ministry or agency OPR is the facilities management offices or equivalent unless otherwise specified below. 

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for: SO nil DE

Primary-Secondary Records Series OPR
510-00 Policy and procedures SO nil DE
510-01 General FY+1y nil DE
510-02 As-built drawings - not centrally managed property
(covers as-built drawings of buildings solely managed by a ministry or agency (e.g., not by ARES))
SO = when property is sold or lease terminated, and when no longer required for reference purposes
FR = The government archives will fully retain as-built drawings of properties solely managed by a ministry or agency because they provide a history of the design and layout of government buildings over time.
SO nil FR
510-03 Building floor plans and drawings SO nil DE
510-06 Space inventory and allocation
(covers space allocation and space inventory (forms A and B))
SO nil DE
510-09 Government employee residential accommodation units
(covers housing provided for employees, typically in remote areas)
SO = when ministry/agency vacates the property
SO 2y DE
510-20 Organizational moves and space transfers
SO = upon completion or cancellation of move and resolution of outstanding claims or issues
SO 2y DE

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